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About Ian Williams

I have lived a full life. One of my lofty aspirations is to have an impact on everyone I meet. One way I am able to achieve this is through Real Estate. Whether you are buying your first home, selling your last home, or fall somewhere in between it is my duty to find a solution. After spending most of my formative years in the Chicagoland area and graduating with a degree in Marketing and Business, I have since traveled much of the world only to find myself at home in Austin. I LOVE this place! It has a rich history, diverse culture, UH-mazing food, music that lives, a literal canvas for artists, a vibrant economy, and it’s a city that moves at your pace. Whether you want to chill around a campfire, or be out in the town and as busy as your body will allow it caters well to both. It’s often less than a 30-minute drive to any of the following: gorgeously crafted hill country, affluent suburbs, hidden coves, natural springs, small town life or big city fun. I am not a by-product of my trade, but I love it. Before graduating from Champions School of Real Estate (yes, the one Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank endorses); I was a Corporate Trainer and Instructional Designer for a fortune 100 pharmaceutical company. That’s a lot of words to say more simply, I teach. It is my passion and helping people buy and sell Real Estate shares the same transferrable skills. Allow me to explain: When I am representing you as the buyer, I look out for you. I guide you through the process, connect you with people and services I trust, and discover what you or your family needs to be successful. When I am representing you as the seller, I look out for you. I teach you how to market your property and get it sold while others sit idle, I teach the negotiating Realtor the value of your home and why it is deserving of the price, and all while remaining in tune with your bottom line. I am always teaching myself, being mentored, reading, studying, peer groups, trending topics, absorbing as much knowledge as I can above the ivy league education I received so that with my experience and knowledge I can share that same information with you as my client. Knowledge has no value if it isn’t shared. Hire me as your Realtor.

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